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Reaching out in Jesus' name with compassion is a core value of Midtown Vineyard Church. We are called to bring the Gospel of the Kingdom to every nook and cranny of creation. (Acts1:8)


The Outreach Team seeks to take the Good News about Jesus beyond Sunday morning to the Grand Strand and beyond through training, personal evangelism projects, and serving events. We are outwardly focused to share the hope of the Gospel and the love of Jesus in a practical way with our friends, neighbors, community and the world.


We would love for you to get involved with any of our outreach ministries! If you’re interested in anything listed or want to know more about what we do, contact Christy Morris,

Outreach Pastor


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Every year thousands of international students on the J1 and H2B work-travel visa come to the Grand Strand for the spring & summer to work. The All Nations Cafe was started in 2014 here at Midtown Vineyard Church as a way to connect with the students, provide a safe place for them to hang out, provide a free home cooked meal, and a chance to show the Gospel! Eight years later and that vision is still alive. 

Our local Law Enforcement, First Responders, and local hospital staff are some of the heroes of our community, and we acknowledge that and do our part to thank them throughout the year!


The summer is our busy season, and it’s no different for our First Responders. Each year we play a small part in paying it back by providing or serving the First Responders at a Memorial Day weekend community wide meal.


We also provide care baskets  filled with coffee, snacks, energy drinks, and all the necessities to get through their long shifts. And that’s all through the generous donations, time, and energy of our people!

Serve the Servants
CommUNITY Reach

At Midtown Vineyard we don’t want to be a church that only looks inward and care only for our own people because that’s not what Jesus called us to do. We were commanded to love God and to love people (Matthew 22:37-39). We do our best to fulfill this commandment by loving the people in our community, both in our church and around it.


Throughout the year we partner with various local organizations, as well as our own church family, to help provide the physical needs of our community. We partner with Associated charities to provide clothing, New Directions and the local women’s shelter to help provide housing, as well as a food bank at the church where families and individuals can receive free food. 

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